Goals to achieve in 2018

Well, it’s a new year once again; new start and new goals. There’s something  negative about making new year resolution, which is why I’m not intending of making one. I put a lot of pressure on myself to follow these unattainable goals which I end up not following through with after a period  of a few weeks, if that!

Last year I have traveled to 3 new countries, fixed some personal health issues, spent more time with families, attained my fitness goals and spent more time doing what I love most – makeup! 2017 has been good to me! And I honestly don’t know how 2018 is going to top 2017, but I have a clear view of things that I will likely be doing this year.

I want to start the year with positive, attainable goals and focus more on things that I enjoy the most.

1. Earn a new career certificationThinkstockPhotos-470277407

There’s nothing more satisfying than doing things that you love the most. Putting time and effort into growing a different path of career seems to be challenging. But with loving support of my husband and family, it easily attainable. Since then, I have my utmost interest in Beauty and Makeup. I’m dedicating this year to venture out and following my passion.


2. Spend more time putting myself first

_DSC0032 copy


It may sound selfish, but there’s no shame of putting yourself first and saying no to others.  Making time for ourselves and doing things that we enjoy is essential for physical and emotional growth. I plan to schedule time specifically myself into everyday. A time to hit the gym, catch up on reading, watch my favorite TV shows, pampering myself with a spa massage or run a personal errands. The possibilities of what to do with this time are endless, however they all come to one common conclusion; ensuring my physical, emotional and spiritual stability and wellbeing.


3. Travel somewhere new


Traveling to new places gives us different perspective in life. As for me,  I think traveling makes our life richer with new and varied experiences. You don’t have to travel far; visiting new places and experience of something you have never done before is enough to thrust you out of your comfort zone. But since I always like to dream big, this year I hope to get an opportunity to see the northern lights. And I’m fascinated how mystical these cluster of lights in the sky.


4. Volunteering to a cause that I care about

Aside from monetary or supplies donation, our time is valuable too! I can’t believe that I have been wasting some of my time from last year on social media. This year, I want to devote some of my time and help a non-profit organization in Macau, especially with maltreated and abandoned cats in my community.


5. Be my own best friend

_DSC0041 copy

I’m the only person who I have to get to spend my whole life with, which makes my relationship to myself as eternal. This year, I want to get to know myself a little bit more. From things I like, dislike, things that interest me and things that upset me. Treating myself with kindness and respect, just like how a best friend should be treated.


These are my five goals this year. I love setting goals; for it give us focus, motivation and personal satisfaction.

What are your goals this year? Do you plan of kicking bad habits? I would love to know.

May you have a prosperous and fulfilling 2018! ❤





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10 thoughts on “Goals to achieve in 2018

  1. I love how positive these are and how they revolve around your own happiness, which is the most important thing to remember!


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