Ayutthaya in its visual splendor

As the city moving forward towards the future, I don’t want to fail to take advantage of visiting the remnants of the old Siam. Ancient Prang towers emerging against the concrete buildings, beheaded buddha’s meditating silently in contrast to busy streets, and the demesne looking its been existentially forgotten. As the country progressing economically and its tourism, I refuse to forget how beautiful the place have been called once a kingdom.

The Kingdom of Ayutthaya or Siamese Kingdom existed from 1351 – 1767 and considered as a friendly traders in Asia. During 16th Century, foreign traders regard Ayutthaya as the biggest and wealthiest in the East. But in 1767, Burmese army destroyed the city, resulting the collapse of the kingdom.

In 1991, Ayutthaya has been declared as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site has an area of 289 hectares which is located at the Central and Southwestern parts of Ayutthaya and protected by UNESCO. Although it takes only an hour ride from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, it took us a whole day discovering and touring the ancient city. The place is extensive and I suggest getting a tour. You can refer to my previous blog, for more details of our tours.Β We are extremely fortunate to have a knowledgable tour guide and can speak English.

I recommend to include Ayutthaya on your bucket list. And here’s why:

Prang, in its beauty


Wat Chaiwatthanaram









Prang and statue of Buddha, Wat Mahathat




Entrance to the Ayutthaya Historical Park


A beautiful splendor in a beautiful day





Big Buddha statue at Wat Mahathat


Beheaded Buddha’s sat in meditating silence


Area where you will find Wat Chaiwatthanaram


Buddha’s head in a tree roots,Β Wat Mahathat


As for me, another list on my bucket list item has been happily ticked off. πŸ™‚


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