Asia Group Shoots: fulfilling one’s dream

I’m pretty sure you know the feeling on your first day of work or the first day of school. You feel giddy, excited and scared all at the same time. That’s exactly how I feel on Saturday, 4th of November 2017. You see, I was one of the make up artist on that day. But I do not have professional experience nor have enrolled in any make up course. What I brought with me on that day, was confidence. Confidence that piled through my friend’s encouragement whenever I do their make up and the passion that has been haunting me for a decade.

As everyone gathering up and introducing each other, I have noticed  that there is one common thing we have. That burning passion and dream, and be able to live it out. As nervous as I was, I have to compose myself on that day or it will be forever a dream.  My story is no different to Sandra Raluca Moore, founder of Asia Group Shoots and have a lifelong passion.

“After 2 years arriving in Macau, the thought wouldn’t go away, that I could pass that gorgeous feeling on and allow others to experience it”. – Sandra Moore

Sandra Moore was born in Romania but grew up in Ireland. Her modeling career started when she attended a similar event, called Dublin Group Shoots. “It helped me connect to people in the Industry and tie great bonds with all sorts of beautiful artists, but taught me a lot about the heat of an event, posing, lighting, what is the composition of a good photograph, location advantages and disadvantages etc,” she says. It also helped her signed up a modeling agency in Dublin shortly after. She’s a great fan of projects that brings people together, with open hearts, working together towards a same goal, all of these makes the foundation of Asia Group Shoots.

I believe everyone have a dream and one of life’s greatest tragedy are not able to achieve it. Often it is because we are latched to our everyday routine and not be able to realize it through. Many at times we don’t have the nerve to take the risk, scared of uncertainties and most of all of ridiculed. I  for one, have attempted numerous times to make it happen with my degree but circumstances lead to different situation. Life has a funny way into it.  “At one point in my life, after going through a few rough patches I decided to leave modeling and PR and just start travelling, and so I did, I lived in over 7 countries up until my current age of 27,” said Sandra. Sandra had the opportunity working in Macau for Studio City Hotel to which she consider “open borders, open hearts” adventure. She then met her husband and got married.

“And so, post marriage, I decided that it would be time to give back some of the love and all the positive things life has given me. Both of projects aim at giving back to the community and helping people find peace, happiness or achieve their dreams,” add Sandra. She started her event planning and marketing company as Sandra Moore Production.

Dream 1
Sandra with the models.  ©Ronnie Yeoh


Models, photographers and make-up artist worked all together as a family. ©Ronnie Yeoh

Similarly to Sandra, I realized clearly my way after facing vulnerabilities and following my instinct. I have to fix my mindset to develop the courage and strength towards my dreams. Just like me, I regard Sandra for taking control of what she wants in life. Some people would go complaining about life for not getting what they want but not doing anything to their situation.

”Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

This is indeed true. Fulfilling ones dream takes a lot of time and sheer determination. It’s not like an eight-hour work a day but continuously working overtime. Also, dreams are meant to dealt with step by step. One of the biggest step is to be able to take the plunge to pursue and making it a top priority. As I walked towards the room, I noticed that everyone’s reflecting their passion and dream. And each of us are willing to fulfill it.


On that beautiful day, we are all dreamers. Sandra fulfilling her movement, my dream and just like every one else. A first in Macau to have a robust opportunity to chase one’s dream. Everyone is willing to work and trying to achieve the same common goal. We came from in all walks of life, some are students, professional and others have different day jobs. But that doesn’t matter, we came all together that day for the same reason. Cultivating a growth mindset slowly and steadily, building confidence, having healthy relationship and being grateful for this lucky chance. Thank you Sandra for the rare window of opportunity.


Asia Group Shoots

Founder: Sandra Reluca Moore
Head Photographer: Ronnie Yeoh
Artistic Director and Head of Make-up: Nicole Place
FB page: Asia Group Shoots
Contact Number: +85366198422


Do you have a dream in life? When opportunity knocks in your door, take it. Take actions for you deserve to succeed. ❤

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